These are the 4 key values of Pakenham Netball Association. These assist in shaping the culture of our Association.

–       Help our team mates and all members of our Association
–       Be Generous with praise
–       Support and encourage other teams within the association
–       Adopt an attitude of fair play and sportsmanship
–       Be respectful of the rules, games, opponents, coaches and officials
–       Be respectful in victory and defeat
–       Be open and honest with each other and coaches
–       Have mutual respect for coaches, players & supporters alike
–       Respect the image of the association in all your actions
–       Punctual, be on time
–       Be self-controlled
–       Cooperate with team mates, coaches & officials
–       Look after club property
–       Display commitment to your team mates, coaches and association
–       Empower players to take responsibility for their own success